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Because The Vapor Depot product is so new and innovative, most people who are exposed to it have many questions regarding its functionality. We therefore thought it necessary to create a place on our site where specific product questions pertaining to its function could be addressed. Keep in mind that the Vapor eGo, Vapor Bolt, Vapor Blaster, Vapor Gripper, eVic, Zmax, TVD Cigar and TVD Pipe produce a simulated smoking experience and as such, most of the components are consumable in nature. This section of the site is dedicated to clarifying many common questions that come up regarding their use.

A decrease in vapor volume is one of the issues that one might expect and is actually easily explained and resolved. A decreased volume of vapor is caused by either a weak battery, a cartridge or cartomizer that is nearing its end of use, or an atomizer that is nearing the end of its usefulness.

The following tips should be helpful when the user experiences a decreased volume of vapor:

A.      Remove the cartridge or cartomizer from the atomizer or battery. If it is dry it’s time to add Vapor Juice Drops until full or replace it with another fresh pre-filled or blank cartridge or cartomizer. (If this does not solve the problem, see point B.)

B.      Replace the battery with a fully-charged battery. Note: Before first use, batteries should be charged a minimum of eight to nine hours. This is important, as the use of an undercharged new battery may cause problems for the user. (If this does not solve the problem, see point C.)

C.      Install a fresh cartridge or cartomizer or replacement head. (If this does not solve the problem, see point D.)

D.      Replace the atomizer with a new one.


Atomizers and cartomizers:

It is important to note that the atomizers and cartomizers are considered to be semi-consumable. The use expectancy for a Vapor eGo , Vapor Bolt, Vapor Blaster, Vapor Gripper, eVic, Zmax TVD Cigar or TVD Pipe atomizer or cartomizer is about 2 to 6 weeks, however, atomizers or cartomizers may dry out earlier than expected and there are some things you can do to extend the life of your atomizer or cartomizer.



A. Typically an atomized cartridge should last around 250 inhalations. When your cartridge is empty, you will experience a reduced volume of vapor and you know it’s time to change the cartridge or add Vapor Juice drops. However, if you continue using your electronic cigarette with the reduced vapor volume, you may burn out the atomizer prematurely. This works the same for cartomizers with the only difference being that cartomizers are basically and atomizer and cartridge built into one. When using the Vapor Depot electronic cigarette, if you experience a dry atomizer or cartomizer, even with a new cartridge or recently filled cartomizer installed, you may extend the life of your atomizer by squeezing 1 drop of liquid directly from your cartridge or Vapor Juice bottle into the cartridge end of the atomizer. This should re-activate the atomizer and extend its usefulness.


B. If your atomizer or cartomizer is dry and not functioning and none of the troubleshooting tips resolve the problem, please call our Customer Service department at 877-867-0965 or via email at for further assistance. If contacting via email, please include your name, phone number and a description of the problem. If your atomizer is still under warranty, you may have your atomizer replaced at no charge. If the performance of your atomizer has exceeded the warranty, you may order a new atomizer from the Product page under “Atomizers”.

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