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"E-Cigarette Tips & Tricks"


  • HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR ATOMIZERS: We've already gone over how to use your atomizer but that's not all that's involved. About once every 2 weeks (give or take) you'll want to perform a cleaning on them. The VG (vegetable glycerin) in the Vapor Juice will, over time, begin to build up on the tungsten element in the atomizer decreasing it's ability to heat sufficiently and atomize. There are a couple of things you'll need to have on hand in order to perform the cleaning... You'll want to purchase some electronics cleaner (basically compressed air in a can). You can get this at almost any office supply store. You'll also need a bottle of Normal 0mg Vapor Juice (acts as an excellent flushing agent and will not dry out critical parts within the atomizer). Finally, get yourself a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Take the straw off of the canned compressed air and attach an old cartridge to it (be sure to remove the cotton like material first). You may need to widen the vapor outlet hole on the mouthpiece in order to get the straw to slide into it (you can do this by simply reaming it out with a pocket knife). With the straw in the mouthpiece, add a few drops of Super Glue where they connect and allow it to dry. Then, for added strength, tightly wrap the connection with a little electrical tape. You've now made your own e-cig blow gun! Okay... Let's get down to business now. Remove the cartridge from your atomizer and, with it still attached to the battery, take several long drags on the atomizer. The purpose of this is to get the atomizer nice and hot (this will burn off the VG build up). Next add approximately 4 drops of Normal 0mg Vapor Juice down the inside of the atomizer. Then take more nice long drags until the atomizer gets hot again. Now remove the atomizer from the battery and attach the atomizer to the empty (padless) cartridge you attached to the straw and your can of compressed air. Grab a paper towel and cup it around the end of the atomizer that attaches to the battery and pull the trigger on your compressed air can. Run the air through it for at least 4 seconds. This will blow out the solution and VG build up. Leave the atomizer attached to the compressed air can and take a basic ball point pen and plug the hole in the center of the atomizer where it attaches to the battery and re-wrap the area with the paper towel again. Now pull the trigger on the air can for another 4 seconds. This should clear the atomizer's air inlets of any debris. Now dip a q-tip in the rubbing alcohol and clean the threads on the atomizer. You're almost done! Remove the atomizer from the straw attachment on the air can and screw it back onto the battery. Take your bottle of Vapor Juice and add 3 or 4 drops down the center of the atomizer. Then make sure your cartridge is full and the pad is as close to the top edge of the cartridge cup and then press the cartridge back into the atomizer. You're done! You should now experience much better performance out of e-cig. If this procedure doesn't help then it is likely that you atomizer has a partial burn-out of the tungsten element. Simply bring your atomizer to any Vapor Depot location to have it replaced or call to arrange replacement by mail at 1-877-867-0965.
  • HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR BATTERIES: E-cig batteries are pretty simple to maintain. When it comes to push-button batteries it's practically brain-dead easy! With push-button batteries all you need to do is make sure your threads stay clean by wiping them down every so often with rubbing alcohol. Automatic batteries require the same attention. another thing you'll need to do with auto batteries is, once a week, lay a Kleenex flat on a counter or table and take the battery and stand it up, threads down, on the Kleenex. Leave it there for a solid 8 hours or over night. This allows any liquid that may have dripped into the switch compartment to drain out. When it comes to adjusting sensitivity of an auto battery's switch it is recommended that you bring the battery to your nearest Vapor Depot store to have that done. If you live too far away from a store call in and we'll be happy to give you a step by step on the procedure.
  • HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR CHARGER: Chargers are very easy to maintain... When you clean the threads on your battery, clean the threads on your charger. It's that simple! The same cleaning procedure goes for the Blaster PCC (personal charging case). Dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and swab clean the threads in your charger and connections in the PCC.
  • HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR CARTOMIZER: Cartomizers are basically a cartridge and an atomizer built into one. There are various Ohm levels in cartomizers that determine how they perform at various voltage levels (see below for a table on what ohm works best with what voltage supply). Cartomizers typically come in two types: absorption models or wick models. Neither of these require much in the way of maintenance. You may experience flooding from time to time with the absorption models. If flooding happens it's usually caused from either dragging to hard or the cartomizer's air flow is being plugged by foriegn particles or carbon build up. Sometimes this can be remedied by removing your cartomizer from the battery (and in some cases from it's tank system like with our DC-5's and DC-3's) and simply blowing through it at the mouthpiece into a tissue. If this doesn't fix the flooding problem it is time to replace the cartomizer. For wick models (such as our Ego Clear Cartomizers) flooding is far less prevalent. Normally with wick models you will notice a major reduction in vapor output. Should this occur, simply boil a cup of distilled water, remove the mouthpiece from the cartomizer and syringe out your vapor juice. Drop the cartomizer into the hot water and let it sit in the water until the water cools enough to handle the cartomizer. Drain any water out of the cartomizer tank and screw the mouthpiece back on. Now blow through the mouthpiece as hard as you can. You may notice some black flecks of carbon coming out of the bottom of the cartomizer. Take the mouthpiece back off of the cartomizer and tip the cartomizer upside down on a tissue to dry for at least 6 hours. Once dry you can fill it back up with Vapor Juice and see if the vapor production has improved. If there is no improvement it's time to replace it.