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The silicone eGo battery holder keeps your expensive ecig from hitting the floor!
Silicone Electronic Cigarette Holder
Our Price: $1.99

Tired of your e-cig falling over every time you set it on the table? Tired of your electronic cigarette rolling off the table? The Vapor Depot's got your back. Check out the new silicone electronic cigarette holder! With its suction cup-style bottom, you can securely stick it to your table top, and keep your e-cig safe from falling or rolling. The silicone construction means that most eGo-size electronic cigarettes fit snugly inside the recessed cup. Please note that larger batteries won't fit into the cup; 1300 mAh eGo Winders are too large, but 1100 mAh and 900 mAh Winders fit fine.

Available in black, dark pink, light pink, red, blue, or white.

eGo battery and cartomizer shown in photo sold separately and is not included; for illustration purposes only.
Silicone 18650 Battery Transport Sleeve - available in 4 colors!
Silicone 18650 Battery Transport Sleeve
Our Price: $4.99

Battery safety is number one here at The Vapor Depot, and to keep our customers safe, we're pleased to deliver these silicone transport sleeves for 18650 batteries. With these sleeves, you can safely carry your e-cig batteries in your pocket or purse without the risk of fire, leaking, or other hazards that can happen when batteries touch something metallic.

Available in 4 colors (blue, yellow, purple, and white), these sleeves are invaluable safety devices for anyone who uses 18650 batteries in their personal vaporizers or mods.
eGo DC 3 Collar
eGo DC 3 Collar
Our Price: $5.99

Protect your eGo battery 510 threads from dirt and damage with the eGo DC-3 e-cigarette collar. Simply screw the collar over the outer threads on your eGo battery, then attach your tank as usual. Available in BLACK or STAINLESS.
eGo DC 5 Collar
eGo DC 5 Collar
Our Price: $6.99

eGo DC-5 e-cigarette collar. Comes in a stainless finish.
TVD PIPE Battery
TVD PIPE Battery
YOUR PRICE: $14.99

Replacement or spare battery for the TVD Pipe. Fits DSE601
IMR 18350 L-Ion 800 Milliamp Flat-Top Battery
IMR 18350 L-Ion 800 mAh Flat-Top Battery
Our Price: $14.99

The IMR 18350 L-Ion 800 mAh flat top battery can handle high amps and are safe in series or in parallel. They can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with an output of 4.2V.
L-Ion 18 350 Buttontop Battery
L-Ion 18 350 Buttontop Battery
Our Price: $14.99

Our new 18 350 Button Top L-Ion Battery is a 3.7 Volt, 800 mAh replacement battery.
L-Ion 18 500 Buttontop Battery
L-Ion 18 500 Buttontop Battery
Our Price: $19.99

Our new 18 500 Button Top L-Ion Battery is a 3.7 Volt, 1100 mAh replacement battery.
Get hours of voltage life with the EH IMR 18650 2000 mAh battery!
EH-IMR 18650 2000 mAh Battery
Our Price: $22.99

These rechargeable, EH brand IMR batteries are Lithium Manganese (LiMn) and are chemically safer than Li-Ion batteries. With capacity to handle high amperage, they can be recharged with any Li-Ion battery charger outputting at 4.2 volts or higher. 3.7 volts and 2000 mAh, these are available as button top or flat top style.

IMR 18650 Single Cell Battery
IMR 18650 Single Cell Battery
Our Price: $24.99

IMR 18650 rechargeable, single cell battery.